All students can benefit from personalized math instruction at one time or another. I refer students to Math Masters when there is a need for one-on-one, individualized attention. The families I've referred have always been impressed with the level of service the students have received. As an educator and as a parent, I am pleased to recommend Math Masters Tutoring Services.

Judy Winberg, M.Ed. - M.Ed. Educational Consultant

One of the real strengths of Math Masters is its ability to increase students' confidence. Attitudes are important and Math Masters' students not only learn math they do so with self-assurance.

Norman S. Smith - Ed.D. Educational Consultant

I cannot emphasize enough what this achievement has done for my son's confidence level, not only in mathematics, but also in all other academic disciplines.

Mrs. Lumsden - Parent


Math I: (for students entering grade 9 math)

In Level 1, the student will be introduced to: integers; laws of exponents; rational and irrational numbers; ratios, proportions and percent; operations with polynomials; solving linear equations; applications of linear equations; and the equation of a line.


Math II: (for students entering grade 10 math)

In Level 2, the student will be introduced to: solving linear systems; applications of linear systems; factoring techniques; solving quadratic equations; analysis of quadratic equations; analytic geometry; and trigonometry.


Math III: (for students entering grade 11 math)

In Level 3, the student will be introduced to: advanced exponent rules; exponential equations; operations with rational expressions; complex numbers; quadratic equations; introductory optimization applications; functions; transformations of functions; trigonometric functions; trigonometric identities; trigonometric equations; and arithmetic/geometric sequences and series.


Math IV: (for students entering grade 12 math)

In Level 4, the student will be introduced to: polynomial functions; advanced trigonometry; composition of functions; algebra of functions; and logarithmic and exponential functions.